Seat enters the electric scooter business with an agreement with Segway

The Seat car is diversified and enters the business of electric scooters, with a first model that will be released this month for 599 euros, but also plans to enter the business of the shared patrol, so look for cities where to develop the project, as reported from the Martorell company on Thursday.

To develop its first electric patrol model, called eXS KickScooter, Seat reached an agreement with Segway, one of the world's leading micro-mobility companies. Thus, the new Seat scooter designed the automotive company and includes the electrical technology used by Segway on the platform of its ES2 model.

This is a model with eight-inch wheels, with front and rear shock absorbers, and allows you to reach a speed of 25 kilometers per hour. The model has led lights in front and back, ambient lighting, LCD screen, cruise control and anti-theft system, and you can connect an additional battery to increase the autonomy, which under normal conditions reaches 45 kilometers.

This first patinet model can be purchased this November, for Black Friday, and from December, before the end of the year, it will be possible to find the brand's retailers in Spain, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Portugal. rest of Europe in 2019.

Pilot test

Seat frames this new product in its strategy on the so-called electric micro-mobility of the last urban mileage. For this reason, he affirms that he wants to maintain contacts with the municipal institutions and councils to contribute to the mobility of the future and, in this sense, ensures that he identifies the Spanish cities where he will perform a shared patch test, called eXS Sharing, open to the public.

This test will be carried out by Seat through an independent and newly established company within the group, Xmoba, which will study the potential of KickScooter to improve urban mobility. But the first tests of the shared patinet have already started the company in the Martorell plant, for the movement of the employees.

According to Seat, within the Volkswagen group, the various brands have their own forecasts for the launch of micro-mobility solutions. Seat is launching the scooter, which adds to the use of the shared car at the Seat Metropolis: Lab, at Pier01 in Barcelona, ​​which has a fleet of the 10 prototypes of eMii, and the purchase of Respiro , a 'start-up' Spanish pioneer in car hire for hours.

"We want to transform Seat into a micro-mobility benchmark," says Lucas Casanovas, director of product marketing at the company, which states that the goal is for anyone in an urban environment to know the Seat options for run the city in a sustainable, fun and agile way ".

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