‘SEB’ bank grants 4.5 million euros to metal processing company ‘Jensen Metal’

SEB”The bank has granted financing in the amount of 4.5 million euros to the stainless steel products manufacturing company LSEZ SIA“ Jensen Metal ”. It is intended for the expansion of the existing production plant in Liepaja, Karosta.

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“We are satisfied with the opportunity to finance an investment project, which, in our opinion, is very important for the Latvian economy – smart, export-oriented production with high added value. The company confirms Latvia’s potential with its purposeful work. European and globally, as well as being a successful example of a competitive production plant, promoting the development, employment and return on investment of the region, “said Arnis Škapars, Member of the Board of SEB Bank.

LSEZ SIA “Jensen Metal” procurator Ieva Līmeža says that in recent years the company has made significant investments in both production buildings and equipment to not only automate production processes, but also provide more comfortable and better working conditions for employees. “In total, 4.5 million euros have been invested in equipment and 11.5 million euros in buildings in Latvian companies this financial year. Along with the growing demand and increasing production capacity, the attraction of new employees is a topical issue,” she admits.

'SEB' bank grants 4.5 million euros to metal processing company 'Jensen Metal'
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Jensen Metal has been operating in Denmark since 1977; it specializes in the production of stainless steel equipment for ice cream production equipment. LSEZ SIA “Jensen Metal” was founded in May 2004, when production in stainless steel welding started in Latvia. Denmark business needs. Everything from series production to the production of unique items is performed at the company’s factory. The main activities are food industry equipment, agricultural equipment and fittings components. In a couple of years, the Latvian company grew into a Danish company and became fully independent, attracting its customers and competing in the market with others as an equal partner, as well as further expanding its operations in ferrous metal processing.

SIA “Jensen Metal” turnover in 2020/2021 was 33.4 million euros, 98% is provided by exports, primarily to EU countries. The company currently provides jobs for more than 340 employees.

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