Sebastián Villa plays again

He no longer watches games running around the court. Now Sebastian Villa play, and play more and more. And there is aroma, as they confirmed to Ole, that soon he will begin to carve when Boca does it for the points. The Colombian added minutes for the first time last Wednesday against Arsenal and did it again this Saturday morning in the friendly against Estudiantes de Río IV. And there seems to be no coincidence. It’s like Russo already put him to warm up the engines because the end of a sanction, never officially communicated, is coming for not playing while he was in the middle of a legal case for gender violence that began at the beginning of the pandemic. That seems about to end …

Villa already plays in Boca, after being left out of the three Libertadores games. Two abroad (Libertad and Independiente de Medellín) and one in La Bombonera (Libertad). Although he said he had never been notified of a suspension, in fact they separated him from the team, since neither went to the bank. Meanwhile, the Colombian continued to train and be very active in social networks, with phrases alluding to the strength to get ahead and the belief in God. “I always prepare to be, waiting for my moment, I want to be and I am a warrior ”, he said three weeks ago. “Nobody warned me of any sanction.”

Boca’s policy was not very clear since Daniela Cortés, Villa’s former partner, publicly and judicially denounced him for violence of genre. The club paid for the fact of not having protocols on this issue or being ready to face them. Initially, Jorge Ameal suggested that someone could not be blamed until Justice was issued, but due to criticism and internal pressure, it changed. his position and finally Villa, the undisputed starter in the Russo cycle, ceased to be part of the team. However, there was not a decision to leave him either: in all this time, Boca did not take steps to transfer him. Moreover, he rejected several offers, among them, he left on the table one of 7.5 million gross dollars from Mineiro, which generated some anger from the player’s environment.

And now what has changed? The passage of time is a fundamental factor for the waters to calm down a bit. Also, a significant delay in the case, which could be longer if the judge enables oral proceedings, in which case there would be no sentence in the first instance until before mid-2021. There was also a certain change in the internal climate. For example, that Villa’s former partner has publicly expressed that he does not pretend that the forward does not play. Fernando Burlando, Cortés’s lawyer, explained yesterday to Olé that “the court case will continue, it is the idea, and everything points to an oral trial. But it is important to say that Daniela is doing well in her country today, surrounded by her family, healing after what she had to go through. And that she does not want to harm Boca ”.

-Does this mean that Boca will then release Villa to play?

– That I do not know punctually. I do say that not now, but from the first moment, from the club they always worried about Daniela’s physical and mental health. Unlike the player, who never accepted what happened or acknowledged it, Boca took care and was in permanent contact with us. Times reassure and also the absence of danger for Daniela; It is different if she were close to him, living alone in Buenos Aires. We had an exemplary preparatory investigation with the prosecution and now we want to look forward to the oral trial. We bet on that criminal complaint and that there is a conviction (if it is given, next year, it would be an ineffective sentence).

Villa has not played officially since that title game, against Gimnasia, so he lacks rhythm. This Saturday, he entered from the substitute bench, scored the goal and immediately there was a chain reaction on social networks. With mixed opinions on whether Boca should let him play or not. For the club, the policy change will be complex, on a very sensitive issue from the social point of view, which provokes strong reactions in public opinion and within the club, but which at the same time demands some kind of solution while its judicial situation remains indefinite. “We already told Boca with Daniela that his work has nothing to do with the criminal case, that it will continue its course,” insists Burlando in his dialogue with Olé. It remains to be seen if this flexibility, with Villa enabled to play, is transferred to social humor. The only solution, the substantive one, the one that will end up giving the case a cut, is in the courts. Let Justice decide.

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