Sébastien Delorme featured in the daily “Indéfendable” at TVA

Sébastien Delorme will be at the heart of the intrigues ofIndefensible, the TVA daily news broadcast starting next fall.

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The channel had been trying for several years to put daily fiction on the air. Pixcom, in collaboration with Quebecor Content, is producing this legal series based on the original idea of ​​criminal lawyer Richard Dubé.

Designer and producer Izabel Chevrier is leading the project with lead author Nadine Bismuth. The latter oversees a collective of authors, in the same way as Pixcom does with its series Alerts, also broadcast on TVA.

For now, the number of episodes, the time slot and the rest of the cast ofIndefensible have not yet been announced.

What we do know, however, is that the series will air Monday through Thursday.

In a few weeks, we should learn who gravitates around the lawyer Léo MacDonald (Sébastien Delorme) within the criminal law firm Lapointe-MacDonald.

Sébastien Delorme, who is familiar with the mechanics of dailies for having played five seasons in District 31 – his character of detective sergeant Stéphane “Poupou” Pouliot” was killed at the opening of the 6e and final season – describes his new character as a “charismatic” man.

“He’s an excellent lawyer. […] He’s ‘gambler’, but straight at the same time he’s never going to lie, ”said the comedian, who has 16 episodes in hand to begin to tame his role. He must also familiarize himself with legal language and with the different ways of pleading.

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It is moreover M.e Dubé who writes the pleas and the interrogations that Sébastien Delorme will deliver on the set, because we wanted the most authenticity possible for the scenes in court.

The actor, who can be seen at the moment in the new series “Red bracelets” at TVA, has just started working on these scenes where he will find himself in court to defend his clients.

“I am in the process of establishing the character, his way of expressing himself, how you convince a jury when you only have the power to evoke what happened, how you set traps for witnesses in cross-examination”, explained Sébastien Delorme, who studies the “tone” just to give Me MacDonald.

A star of criminal law

At the beginning of the intrigues, Léo MacDonald has just won an important lawsuit for which he was nevertheless given as the loser. He has become a star of criminal law and the enemy to be struck down in the eyes of the prosecution. This cause will rebound later in the story.

Pixcom executive producer Charles Lafortune is a big believer in this daily news. He once played alongside Sébastien Delorme in The Cote Affair, a story developed as part of the series The big trials. The two meet again years later in another story of lawyers, but very different.

“It’s a project that has been worked on for several years. Me Richard Dubé is one of the greatest criminal lawyers in Quebec. He is often in the media, he is asked for his opinion as with the Camara affair. He was interviewed in the series Custom Murderers, which we did for Club illico. He and Izabel wanted to do a legal series on the defense side. Generally, the legal series is the Crown, we want to defend the widow and the orphan. I found it extremely interesting that they came up with this project. You rarely see that on TV, ”he said.

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In Indefensible, the viewer will somehow find himself in the role of a juror who must decide between the true and the false.

“You also have to go beyond appearances, often to find the real story behind it. You have the point of view of the accused, the victim, the witnesses, the jurors, and there you yourself will have to make your point of view with the evidence, ”Sébastien Delorme said of the viewers.

Note that by announcing on Tuesday the end of District 31, scheduled for next April, ICI TÉLÉ has ​​confirmed that it is developing a new daily fiction project for the 7 p.m. time slot.


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