Second child for hype? Tarasova managers are trying to make money with pregnancy


A Dmitry employee offers bloggers to participate in a family competition, for which you have to pay decently.

Just the other day, the wife of a famous footballer and ex-spouse of the television host of the Dom-2 project, Dmitry Tarasov, admitted his second pregnancy. Anastasia Kostenko did not begin to hide her position for a long time and shared the good news in the microblog. However, the scandals associated with the property of Dmitry, which is selling quickly, are still not diminishing. They say the pair of stars only needs money to support the family, because Tarasov has already been unemployed for three months and very soon the couple will have a second child.

In relation to the position of the model, the couple's employees have become more active. Now, the managers of Tarasov are trying to make money with the pregnancy, apparently, the couple really needs money to live, since their managers themselves are imposing themselves on network users. One of the bloggers on Instagram published a funny correspondence with a man who works for Tarasov.

"We have great news, I want to offer to participate in the name Tarasova giva, the blogger is pregnant and now they have an excellent activity. This moment cannot be lost, we collaborate. I'll send you an announcement, "writes the manager.

In fact, in connection with such an event, the interest in Nastya by numerous users has greatly increased and, apparently, you should not miss this opportunity to make money on this. Tarasov and Kostenko's second child is only for advertising and PR?

Furthermore, participation is not free, it is possible to pay from 2,000 to 100,000 thousand rubles for participation in such a giva. Everything depends on the advertising platform itself, on the number of sponsors and prizes, if they are expensive, you will have to invest a lot of money.



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