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A large amount of cash is hidden under the refrigerator! A South Korean resident purchased a second-hand refrigerator online in August. After receiving the goods, he found that there were about 722,000 Hong Kong dollars worth of banknotes on the bottom. He decided to report the case to the police. The police followed the handwriting on the briefcase and confirmed that the owner was a person earlier than last year. A woman in her 60s who died in September,The money was the insurance money and part of the property she received during her lifetime, but the family members, without knowing it, treated the refrigerator as garbage, and then was resold.

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according to”Yonhap News Agency》 Press, South KoreaJeju CityA resident went online in early August to buy a kimchi refrigerator from a second-hand store in Jongno-gu, Seoul. When the goods were not received for cleaning, they found stacks of bundled banknotes, each with a face value of 50,000 yuan (KRW. Same, about 328 Hong Kong dollars), each stack of 100 to 200 sheets, each bundled with paper strips and then put into plastic bags to pack upandOn the bottom of the refrigerator,The total value is 110 million yuan (about 722,000 Hong Kong dollars).

The victim did not have evidence for himself and immediately notified the police. The police immediately launched an investigation and used the second-hand store where the victim purchased the refrigerator as the main clue to trace the sales path of the refrigerator. However, although there is a closed-circuit television installed near the store, it was too long and the clips were automatically deleted after the expiry date.However, it was later discovered that one of the briefcases tied to the banknotes contained the name of the hospital and the date of discharge. The police found that it contained a pharmacy anddrugName the medicine bag.

The dead woman who is 60 years old

After about a month and a half of investigation, the Jeju Western Police Station announced on Tuesday (September 28) that the owner of the 110 million yuan in cash confirmed that she belonged to a woman in her 60s who lived in Seoul during her lifetime. She passed away in September last year. The refrigerator was handed over to a garbage disposal company by relatives. No one found the huge sum of money in the process. The refrigerator finally arrived in Jeju City about 10 months later.

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The police confirmed that the refrigerator was of the same model as the refrigerator used during the lifetime of the deceased woman through the photo in the mobile phone. After evaluation by the local National Institute of Forensic Medicine, it was confirmed that the handwriting on the briefcase was highly similar to the handwriting of the deceased woman. It is believed that most of it was the insurance money she received during her lifetime, and the family did not know the existence of this money.

Family members must pay 5% to 20% remuneration

At present, the money is kept by a bank in Jeju City. The local police will return the money to the family of the deceased in accordance with the lost and found procedure. However, according to Article 4 of the local “Lost and Found Law”, the relatives of the deceased must pay 5% to 20% of remuneration to the victim after receiving the money. The police said: “We are very happy to be able to return the property of the deceased to the family.”

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