Second running of the bulls of San Fermín: where is the hot blood of José Escolar’s bulls?

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He San Fermin running of the bulls leaves no loopholes for nostalgia. Of course things can be missed. Like Santo Domingo longs for the presence of a runner like Chapu Apaolaza, the spectators, and the runners, have missed today the hot blood, the spice, the gunpowder of the bulls of Jose School. The name may not say much to non-fans, but just remember that they are the first cousins ​​of the victorinos.

Not too many years ago, before all this, those of Escolar were totally unpredictable animals, kick-starts launched through the streets of Pamplona. Today it has not been like that, but the fun has not been lacking either.

None of the morlacos has lagged behind or turned around. It is already news for those of School. The race has been a prototype of the running of the bulls on Saturday: Santo Domingo It was like the Gran Vía on sales day. To try to clear the street, one of the schoolchildren He soon began to open up the herd on the right side, and in the middle of the fairway he pinballed a runner, who bounced from poles to poles and came out incredibly unscathed, despite his speed. And another, on the rebound, has avoided the goring on the edge.

No malice on the part of the bulls, but many pressures due to their own inertia. Career very launched by Mercaderes to the curve of the Estafeta, where four young men have been seen starring, practically without intending to, a great race. The one from Escolar arrived thrown in the middle of the curve and has been passing the antlers over the backs of the runners, without actually arresting any of them. Did they really know the bull was there?

From that point on, the animals have launched an even more furious gallop. You had to squeeze the quadriceps to the maximum to hold at least one, two seconds in the face of the bulls. The one who remained at the head of the group and the other five, more tucked in by the halters.

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