Secondary school Neheim focuses on education for sustainability

The Agnes Wenke secondary school in Neheim also defines sustainability through cross-generational projects and plans in the neighborhood.

The Agnes-Wenke-Schule received the award as the school of the future in spring 2020. This was preceded by a three-year project phase since 2016, in which the school was particularly committed to education for sustainable development. This work has therefore been recognized by the Nature and Environmental Protection Academy of North Rhine-Westphalia, the Ministry for the Environment, Agriculture, Nature and Consumer Protection and the Ministry for Schools and Education of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia with the award.

17 goals for sustainability

Education for Sustainable Development focuses on 17 goals that the United Nations agreed on in 2015 as part of the 2030 Agenda. With their targets, the 17 goals address substantial global challenges. They describe important development challenges. All countries in the world – especially the industrialized countries – should support the goals as far as possible. Education plays an important role in implementation. The Agnes Wenke School wants to continue to meet this task and responsibility in the future. All students should acquire the necessary knowledge and qualifications to help shape sustainable development. Education for sustainable development should enable all students to shape the future in terms of sustainable development.

School café and school garden

In North Rhine-Westphalia, education for sustainable development is not a separate school subject. The subject is understood across the board as a cross-cutting issue of school education and is systematically integrated into the school concept at the Agnes Wenke School. As part of the certification, the school community of the Agnes-Wenke School initially dealt with the garden project with the school cafe. With the participation of schoolchildren in grades 9 and 10, who had assigned themselves to different workshops, a basic concept for the student company “School Cafe” and the use of the cafe was created, which was built in a very practical way with the support of the workshop “Craft” and with elements of the workshop “Upcycling” was decorated. The design of the school garden was the central task of the “Horticulture” workshop. Another field of activity was the “social engagement” workshop, which accompanied neighborhood meetings in the school cafe over coffee and cake and organized many offers for senior citizens in the vicinity of the school and in the district.

School partnership

As part of the newly established school partnership with the Hedwig School in Olesno (Poland), we agreed in a cooperation agreement on our first visit to Olesno in 2019 to work together on projects in the field of education for sustainable development.

Offers for district

The Agnes-Wenke-Schule will offer more offers and projects for the district in the future. “It will be of particular importance, however, to enable pupils with all their senses to use different learning paths to shape life in line with the goals for sustainable development,” says the school management, “this is the only way to ensure that their children and grandchildren are in a world worth living in grow up”.


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