Seconds of a Malaysian Tourist Killed Falling from a 15 Meter Cliff at Tumpak Sewu

LUMAJANG, – JTSM (58), a tourist from Malaysia died while visiting the Tumpak Sewu Tourism Area, Lumajang, East Java, Wednesday (10/5/2023).

The victim died as a result of slipping when he was about to go down the cliff to the river which is under the waterfall.

The Pronojiwo Police Chief, Iptu Wahono Puji Santoso, said that when he slipped, the back of the victim’s head hit a rock, although he was helped by his husband pulling him.

The location of the victim, said Puji, was right at bridge number two or after going down the stairs. The victim fell from a height of 15 meters.

“The information we received was that the victim fell after going down the stairs. To be precise, on bridge number two, the victim slipped and hit his head on a rock,” said Puji at RSUD dr. Haryoto Lumajang.

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According to Puji, the evacuation process took a long time because the terrain that had to be traversed to lift the victims from the crash site was quite difficult.

This is because officers and local residents have to climb stairs on the edge of a narrow and steep cliff.

After being evacuated, the victim was immediately rushed to the local health center. But his life could not be helped.

“The information we received, below that the victim was still breathing. But the terrain was difficult to evacuate. In fact, when we lifted his body was cold. By the time he arrived at the health center he was declared dead,” he added.

Currently, the Lumajang Police Inafis team is still processing the crime scene (TKP).

The police, assisted by Pokdarwis, are also looking for the whereabouts of the victim’s cellphone, which fell when it slipped to serve as additional evidence.

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“Until now, my colleagues are still processing the TKP. Because of information from her husband, she was able to pull when the victim fell to help, he also knew his cell phone had fallen. We are still trying to find this,” he concluded.

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