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Microsoft has, until now, a secret agreement with Qualcomm.

The agreement expires soon, but when is unknown

This is supposedly the reason why Windows 11 is not available for Macs with M1, M1 Pro or M1 Max. Of course, this is also the reason why only Qualcomm’s ARM chipset can run Windows, such as 8cx 1 and 2.

To XDA Developers, anonymous sources explain that the agreement will soon expire, but when is unknown.

Qualcomm will challenge the Apple M series in 2023.

Parallels are a possibility

If you have to run Windows on a Mac, the solution is to use Parallels 16.5 or later and run test versions of Windows 10 or 11 that are built for ARM.

Until Microsoft signs agreements on Windows ARM for use on chips other than Qualcomms, solutions such as Parallels will be the only solution. It’s a shame, because 8cx is slow stuff, and the M-series the opposite.

MediaTek will also make ARM chipsets for Windows machines, and there is a possibility that Samsung Exynos will also join Microsoft’s ARM team. In that case, Microsoft has a far more robust offensive against Apple.

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