Secretly, Here’s How To Read WhatsApp Messages Without Being Found Online

JAKARTA, HARIANHALUAN.COM – There are times as a recipient message WhatsApp, you can only read it but can’t reply right away.

This can be a problem, if the sender knows you read the message and will ask questions when message not answered right away. To avoid this problem there are actually a number of tricks that can be done.

Quoting CNBC Indonesia, the first way is to turn off the blue tick on the message. The symbol indicates if the recipient message already read chat.

How to disable it, by opening the application WhatsApp then go to the Account menu. After that select Privacy and turn off the read or read receipts by sliding the button to the left.

But the problem is, the ability goes both ways. Even those of you who turn off the blue tick can’t see if the person who received it message have read message or not yet.

There is another way besides turning off the read. Namely, by activating airplane mode (airplane mode) on your cellphone, as quoted from the India Today page, Monday (2/8/2021).

In this way, the person who sent message don’t know if you read chat or not. The advantage is that you can still know who is reading message you send.

Messages remain marked as unread even when the HP airplane mode is turned off.

Trick another is to turn off last seen WhatsApp You. The trick is to go to Settings then click Account and select Privacy, you can change the settings to turn off last seen in the box or not at all.

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