Secrets of photos to the 40’s, did they meet expectations? What they should have revealed about Kate

Kate Middleton celebrated her fortieth birthday in style a few days ago. The palace published a series of new portraits, which again caused a great stir.

What qualities were they to show and to whom did Kate pay homage?

One of the most beautiful photos in this series was a shot of Kate sitting on a stool and dressed is wearing a delicate white dress. He works very gently on it and at the same time has a subtle retro touch. The main inspiration for this photo was the previous work of the famous fashion photographer Cecil Beaton.


Kate Middleton is 40! Once nicknamed Waity Katie or the Duchess of Dolittle, she is now clear …

He prepared official portraits of the queen for forty years. In the same way, he immortalized not only Elizabeth II herself in the past, but also her mother and daughter Margaret. William’s wife could therefore also be photographed in the same pose and with an identical romantic undertone.

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The main inspiration for Kate’s portrait was the previous work of the famous fashion photographer Cecil Beaton, photo: Kate Middleton, Queen Elizabeth in 1953 and Princess Margaret in 1958

Source: Profimedia

A clear message from the king’s future wife

Kate and William are preparing more and more for the tasks that await them in the future. The prince is the direct heir to the royal throne and becomes king after the death of his father or his resignation. Therefore, the behavior of both spouses is becoming more and more official and by many symbolic steps they are approaching their future position.. This is not the case with the latest photos.

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Kate Middleton and Prince William had a romantic moment while singing Ellie Goulding (2021)

Source: Profimedia

Middleton was not only photographed in the same style as Elizabeth II. She also paid homage to her with the help of other symbolism. The Queen’s photo was taken in the past at the exact age of 39, which Kate also had at that time. They also preferred the domestic fashion brands they traditionally use at official events. The Duchess chose the Alexander McQueen model this time. In addition, they both seemed shy and romantic. According to experts, Kate sent a clear signal that she is a great waitress for the post of future queen.

She didn’t forget Diana either

Kate has traditionally paid tribute to her late mother-in-law. Although she has never met Diana in her life, she is still very close to her thanks to William. Therefore, a wedding ring shone on her finger, and there were also pearl earrings, which the princess liked to use in the past. In addition, in the photo, she looks as cordial and friendly as Diana always looked on her loved ones.

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Prince William asked Kate for a hand with the engagement ring of his late mother Diana, Princess of Wales

Source: Profimedia

Each photo shows it in a different light

Italian fashion photographer Paolo Roversi took a picture of Kate in Kew Gardens. Before preparing the official portraits, he was given two basic tasks. The Duchess was primarily to be portrayed as a modern woman worthy of a royal throne.

The second instruction was to show a different side of each photo. Thanks to this, we can gradually blame her cordiality, kindness, tenderness and style. And that’s exactly how Kate and her fans know, who were very excited about her new shots.

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Beautiful shots show Kate in a new light – like the future queen

Source: reuters

Portraits at a traveling exhibition

The three final photos were finally selected by Kate herself. All these shots will go to the official royal portrait gallery. Before that, however, they will be part of a traveling exhibition, during which they present photos of celebrities in their hometowns. In the following months, you can see these pictures of Katina in Berkshire, where her parents live. From there they will travel to St. Andrews, where she first met William and where they studied together. In the end, they get to Anglesey in North Wales because they spent their first year of marriage there.

See more photos of Kate in our gallery:

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