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Security Council: ‘It has never been so quiet on King’s Day’ | NOW

The Security Council, the umbrella of the 25 Security Regions, looks back on King’s Day 2020 with a few minor incidents. The National Police force also says that the holiday has been quiet.

“It has never been so quiet on King’s Day,” a spokesman for the Security Council told on Monday evening.

According to the Security Council, the situation was comparable to last weekend. In general, people went out a little more and it was busier in parks and shops in particular, but they followed the 1.5-meter rule as best they could.

The police share this observation, but warn people who cycle or ride a motorcycle because of the nice weather to keep sufficient distance to others, for example at traffic lights or while refueling.

Security Council chairman Hubert Bruls hopes that this awareness will continue: “This weekend, and also today on King’s Day, we see that people are aware of the 1.5 meter distance and are trying to stick to it. Hopefully this will continue.”

Remarkably few fines on King’s Day

In a statement, the police force also speaks of a quiet King’s Day. In the weekend prior to and on the birthday of King Willem-Alexander, a total of 719 people were thrown across the Netherlands.

Police report that the number of fines on King’s Night (Sunday to Monday) was 309 lower than on Saturday, when 345 people were fined. On King’s Day itself, 65 people were fined until 4 p.m.

A police spokesman calls the latter figure “remarkably low”. He told that not all registrations of fines have yet been received, but he does not expect the number to increase significantly.

Places that took into account a possible influx of people on King’s Day took measures in advance. For example, there was a sailing ban in the canals of Amsterdam and access to the Bollenstreek was limited.

‘Very satisfied with young people’

Agents ended parties in homes or gardens in several places around the country last weekend. It often concerned young people. The police force writes that in most cases direct instructions were given by the police, but in the central Netherlands some spitting incidents were reported.

The Safety Council correctly praises Dutch youth. “There must have been something here and there. You never get a 100 percent score, but overall we are very satisfied,” said the spokesman.

‘Hopefully we will celebrate King’s Day next year with a nice party’

“This was a King’s Day to remember,” says Bruls in a statement, “with no activity or party in town, and with this weather. Fortunately, there were fun alternatives online to turn it into a festive day “It was logical that this year was different: that is what this crisis will entail. As long as corona continues to make victims, we must remain cautious together. Hopefully we will celebrate King’s Day next year with a nice party.”



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