See Abramovich’s latest toy – the sea jewelry “Solaris”

Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich will soon be able to enjoy his latest toy – a yacht for 430 million pounds. It is called “Solaris” and is the work of a German shipbuilding company specializing in the construction of state-of-the-art yachts for the richest in the world. The production hall, in which it is made, has a larger area than the one where Buckingham Palace is located, “Sun” writes.

The yacht is almost ready for water trials and will be handed over to its proud owner this summer.

The sea jewel is 140 meters long, has a helipad, 48 cabins, 8 decks, swimming pool, jacuzzi and spa. It is designed for 36 passengers to be cared for by 60 crew members. It has two advanced electric motors that make it the most powerful yacht in the world.

So far, Abramovich’s fleet has a total of five yachts, and Solaris will be the sixth.

Roman Abramovich is known for his passion for good yachts. The Russian billionaire spent more than 1.5 billion on the Eclipse, whose body is made of impenetrable steel and the windows are made of armored glass. It has 11 cabins, two swimming pools, a cinema and a disco. A staff of 70 people takes care of the peace of mind of the billionaire and his guests. In addition, the vessel is equipped with a mini submarine that can reach a depth of 50 meters and a German missile warning system. The interior of the yacht is no less luxurious and luxurious – floor-to-ceiling windows, marble floors and bathtubs, elevator, gym, dining room for 16 people, silver wall decorations, helicopter landing pad on deck. The yacht has 6 guest apartments, so the owners can accommodate up to 14 relatives at a time.

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