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The scene of putting your face close to the TV screen, just to see every detail and movement clearly, is no longer seen. Today, large-screen TVs are not only warmly welcomed by movie fans, but also the first choice for consumers, and their market share has skyrocketed.

With the development of home TVs towards large screens, the black technology behind the scenes is also constantly improving. With the help of technology, the picture presents richer details, colors and movements, allowing users to feast their eyes on the big screen.

byNeo QLED 4KUshering in a New Era of Superior Moviegoing Experience

Samsung Neo QLED adopts the most advanced Mini LED and quantum dot technology, with excellent contrast ratio, vivid and accurate color reproduction, making it one of the top screens. The excellent image quality of Neo QLED is fully displayed through the large screen.

Samsung Neo QLED 4K TV – QN100B 98 inches adopts Quantum Matrix technology (Quantum Matrix), with the help of closely arranged Quantum Mini LED grains, it can achieve extremely precise light source control. With this effect, even the darkest scenes can present every detail on the screen through a richer layer of color and contrast. Perfect each frame by analyzing it scene by scene and mastering the nuances of light and color.

In addition to being able to control the TV performance of consumers’ favorite movies, programs and games, this screen is also highly praised by many industry experts and users. Recently, IMAX gave the highest affirmation to the huge 98-inch Neo QLED 4K for its ability to present highly accurate images in its key reference environment.

Bruce Markoe, senior vice president and supervisor of post-production at IMAX Corporation, said: “After calibration, we re-examined this new TV, and the picture quality presented on the screen was comparable to the reference monitor we used for post-production finishing. People are amazing. We see the value of super-large, ultra-high-definition monitors in the post-production of IMAX Enhanced film mastering. In the post-production stage, large-size screens with appropriate image quality can play a role in the application of DMR technology and establish the best way.”

▲Bruce Markoe, Senior Vice President and Post Production Director of IMAX Corporation

A reference monitor is a special display device used for grading in post-production. The reference monitors had to produce highly accurate images so the team could get the clearest, high-quality output.

In order to provide an excellent theatrical experience, IMAX films are recorded with cameras with a resolution of up to 16K, which means that the monitors used for mastering must also be very accurate in order to faithfully represent the creator’s ideas.

Neo QLED 8KAchieve the pinnacle of viewing experience

Samsung Neo QLED 8K reaches the peak again, surpassing the existing high-performance Neo QLED 4K. With an even better 8K resolution, it delivers stunning picture quality that users have come to expect from Samsung. Equipped with the most advanced upscaling neural network Neo Quantum Processor 8K, it ensures that all content is presented with the highest precision and the most perfect picture quality.

As streaming platforms begin to provide optimized content for a larger screen ratio of 1.9:1, creating an immersive theater-level sensory experience, owning an 8K TV with stunning picture quality is the only way to create cutting-edge home entertainment method.

Neo QLED 4Kand8kSet off a boom in sales of high-end TVs

TV content is becoming richer and more sophisticated, and people are engaging in more activities through TV. It is obvious that the consumption trend of large-screen TV will continue to spread and show strong growth momentum. According to statistics from Omdia, the TV market with a size above 80 inches is expected to climb from 2.8 million units in 2022 to 3.5 million units in 2023, a growth rate of more than 24%.

Samsung’s high-end TV lineup is also its trump card that has dominated the TV industry for 17 consecutive years. In 2022, Samsung QLED and Neo QLED Quantum TV shipments will reach 9.65 million units. Since the launch of QLED products in 2017, the cumulative sales volume has reached 35 million units, creating an astonishing success.

In addition, Samsung will also be the king of ultra-large TV sales in 2022, with market shares of 75-inch and 80-inch and above models reaching 36.1% and 42.9% respectively.

Seokwoo Yong, Executive Vice President of Samsung Electronics and Deputy Head of the Video Display Division, said: “Neo QLED is a large screen of 75 inches or more, providing an extremely honorable viewing experience. We believe that these products are the future of home entertainment. With more With more content and features at their fingertips, Neo QLED 4K and 8K TVs will help consumers take full advantage of this new content, while delivering stunning visuals in vivid detail.”

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