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Jupiter and Saturn in opposition to the Sun 2020 THENLINE | This year different astronomical events such as the “Ring of Fire” and “Thunder Moon” have been witnessed, and they will still continue in the days of July that feature two great planets.

First, Jupiter will be in opposition to the star king on the 14th of this month. This means that it will be that moment when the planet is closer to the great star of the universe and will be easier to observe. Also, it is very likely to be brighter.

On the other hand, with Saturn the same will happen and it will be on July 20. When witnessed from Earth, the rings of this planet show different perspectives over time and can be seen with more or less inclination.

What is a planetary opposition?

A opposition planetary it is the aspect of a planet and a star (Sun) that are, in relation to the Earth, in two diametrically opposite points of the sky. Only the outer planets, that is, the furthest and the Moon, can oppose the Sun. Jupiter comes into opposition approximately every 13 months. For its part, Jupiter’s oppositions occur less frequently (every 378 days).

How to see Jupiter and Saturn in the sky?

Both planets are located between the constellations of Sagittarius and Capricorn, so we must focus on the southeast horizon. At nightfall we can see a very bright spot, Jupiter. If we look down, we can find Saturn below.

What does the opposition of Jupiter and Saturn mean?

Jupiter opposes the sun approximately every 400 days, when this occurs the planet passes through the meridian of the place at midnight reaching its closest distance from our planet. This 2020, the largest planet in the Solar System will shine close to Saturn, off the constellation Sagittarius.

July astronomical events calendar:

– July 20: New Moon

– July 21: Saturn Opposition

– July 23: Mercury at maximum west elongation

– July 29 and 30: Meteor showers from the Aquarid Delta

How does opposition affect the horoscope?

The opposition of Jupiter and that of Saturn will occur under the constellation Sagittarius. So it is expected that the horoscope for those who were born under that sign is the most affected. As it happened with the “Thunder Moon”, the changes will be psychic and will have a lot to do with the moment we are going through.


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