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Let’s start with the packaging of the Tab P11 and P11 Pro. The design is simple and practically the same with some data on the sides. When we turn the box we already see the first technical details, but I will detail that later.

We open the box and give the Tab P11 y P11 Pro. The design is slim, very executive indeed, and feels quite cold in the hands. Only to the touch you already feel the first differences between both versions. Thus to the eye it is noted that the screen of the standard version is 11 inches LCD, while the Pro 11.5 inches OLED. Another detail is the edges of each device. The standard version has a certain plastic finish and maté aluminum; For its part, the Pro version is all aluminum with a glossy and more executive finish.

To this it remains to add the obvious difference from main cameras of each device. The standard has a single lens on the main and selfie cameras, while the Pro has dual lenses for each side. Now, the least obvious is the weight: the standard weighs 490 grams and the Pro 485 grams.

Hence I can tell you that they both have Android 10, a single USB-C input port and, in this particular case, the RAM and storage coincide at 6 and 128GB, respectively. I insist that it is something particular, because there is a version of 4GB of RAM with 64GB of memory, so clarify that. As I said at the beginning of the video, the more technical and performance differences I will do for another day.

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LENOVO TAB P11 | Unboxing of both models

We put the tablet aside, take out the plastic cover and see two more boxes. The one on the right side is the data cable with USB-C and USB 3.0 ends, as well as the charger.

We will open the largest box later and go to the bottom of the package, where we will see the warranty, the quick start manual and the pin for the tray. Not to forget the Lenovo stylus that comes with a plastic sleeve and holder. An interesting detail is that it comes with an extra pencil tip. It goes without saying that this is the case for both models.

Now we are going with the biggest box that I left for later. When you open it, you will find the magnetic sleeve of the tablet, which feels thick in the hands and with a fold to support the screen on a table. About the keyboard, this is slim, the keys well laid out and comfortable for the fingers. It should be noted that it is not wireless and must be connected to the screen through a magnetized port. The good thing about the magnetized sleeve is that you can take it out to clean it, but the finish of the same fabric on the keyboard is a single body.

It shouldn’t be difficult to attach the keyboard to the tablet. In fact, I was able to do it with one hand on each gadget, but I did have trouble holding them together. This fold is supposed to allow you to carry the tablet as if it were a book, but the little force of the magnet causes it to disconnect when the keyboard and screen are brought together. Likewise, this is how it looks if you install it as a laptop.

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