seen from the high of a pause and a revenge in the jail in the years 80 in the United States


Publisher Curve Digital and the developers of Fallen Tree Games released their nostalgic American fighter with an open world and a bird's-eye view on PlayStation 4 and PC. The studio's founders, presumably, had previously worked on games like TimeSplitters, Crysis, Black and GoldenEye 007: Reloaded. To launch their offspring, they offered a trailer full of skirmishes and excerpts from the gameplay.

American Fugitive is dedicated to Will Riley – not a good citizen, but not a complete villain. He lives in the city of Radrock in the southern United States in the 80s (many references to films and games from the past have been promised). This place is mired in corruption and crime.

Once our hero is accused of his father's cold-blooded murder and put in prison – he is overcome with grief and a thirst for revenge. We will have to escape to find and punish the guilty, incidentally bringing the noise to his hometown. Promised a complete story, full of secrets, deceptions and personal interests, ups and downs, as well as the mass of characters – both criminals and lawyers of all kinds.

Freely, the player will have to socialize with the crowd, to establish ties with the criminal world, without forgetting to successfully move away from corrupt ballots. Promised a true massacre from above, as in the first two games of the Grand Theft Auto series. In this case, the project received three-dimensional graphics, destructible environments and car chases.

You can move around the Radrok district either on foot or on wheels. Of course, you can test yourself in races and stunts on one of the many modes of transport available. Great freedom is promised: you can rob houses, steal cars, arm yourself to the teeth, perform various tasks as criminal authorities. The main thing don't get caught by the police Russian localization is available in the form of subtitles (however, voice dubbing is not even in English).

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