Segula partner Opel is an agreement with IG Metall at a fixed rate


DThe automotive service provider and partner Opel Segula Technologies GmbH have agreed a collective agreement with IG Metall. The agreement agreed in a few weeks with the house rate ensures the transition to Segula Opel employees "constant conditions", as the union and the company tell.

Thorsten Winter

Thorsten Winter

Business Editor and Internet Coordinator in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

"It is of great importance for IG Metall to increase the coverage of collective bargaining in this sector of industrial services," stresses Jörg Köhlinger, director of the IG Metall district. "This result is a great success because it offers our employees security in the form of good and stable working conditions," says personnel manager Segula Udo Bekker.

Segula: hundreds of candidates

Segula Technologies, a subsidiary of a French family company, wants to take over part of the Opel development center in Rüsselsheim and hundreds of automobile manufacturer engineers. A similar agreement, both companies met in late autumn, the contract, closure, expect in the second quarter. For the time after this possible closure also the commitment of constant conditions (see also the box below).

According to its data, Segula has already committed dozens of Opelaners. Hundreds of questions are currently being converted into employment contracts. Furthermore, there are hundreds of candidates from outside, so those who are not working or no longer work for Opel.

Protection against operational dismissals

The collective agreement reflects the level of the engineering industry, he said. This was a negotiating objective of IG Metall, as communicated by the union a week ago. At that time, she was sure that she would reach the degree quickly.

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