Ségur de la Santé: “at the level of the French overseas departments and territories, we remain hungry” regrets FO

« A historic moment for our health system “! The Prime Minister proceeded on Monday July 13 to the signing of the wage agreements negotiated as part of the “Ségur de la Santé”.

These agreements provide for an envelope of 7.5 billion euros for paramedical and non-medical staff with a salary increase of 183 euros net monthly for employees. An additional 450 million euros have been put on the table for doctors.

« At the level of the French overseas departments and territories, we are still hungry: the geographical coefficient has not been taken into account, the seafar and the customs taxes on certain products have not been taken into account. I think we are being laughed at in the French overseas departments and territories “Says Jean-Pierre Jean-Louis, secretary general of FO (Force Ouvrière) at the Center Hospitalier Universitaire de Martinique.

« There is indeed a significant advance on the increase in wages with an additional 183 euros per month “Tempers the unionist,” but we are still hungry because we asked for 300 euros ».

« The fight continues, we will keep fighting to get what we deserve Hammered Jean-Pierre Jean-Louis.


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