Seiko king drama victim of official crazy Ramiz .. today

Today, artist Mohy Ismail came as a guest on the official Ramez Majnoun program, by Ramez Jalal, which is shown on MBC Egypt.

And Mohy Ismail is one of the stars who call themselves the king of the Seko drama, because he has performed several works in psychological drama.

AndThe idea of ​​the official Ramiz Majnoon program presented by the artist Ramiz Jalal is based on drawing the victim to participate in a program in the name of the truth, presented by Arwa, before Ramiz Jalal appears and the guest signs in his mold and Ramiz executes his plan.

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The program “Ramez Majnoon Official” in the new season witnesses many surprises, unexpected situations and paradoxes, and the participation of many art, media and sports stars who appear with Ramez in episodes dominated by the entertainment side.

The guest is bound in a chair that is connected to electricity, and the guest is subjected to torture by Ramiz Jalal.

Ramez Jalal, asks the victim, several questions, before he moves the chair connected with a controller and raises it in the air and in all directions in the screaming of the victim.

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