SEK 850 million for Swedish cancer research

This year, the Cancer Foundation will distribute SEK 850 million to cancer research. A total of 230 research projects will share the money.

This is the largest amount distributed so far from the Cancer Foundation. Earlier in the year, 118 million was distributed and now another 732 million will be distributed. A total of 230 research projects receive part of the money.

Thanks to all donors, we can now proudly donate our largest amount ever to cancer research. We see progress all the time and we know that it is crucial to invest in research to find ways to prevent, detect, treat and finally defeat cancer, says Klas Kärre, chairman of the Cancer Foundation’s research committee, in a press release.

Charlotta Dabrosin, professor of oncology at Linköping University, is one of the researchers who receives money for his research on breast density and breast cancer – SEK 5.25 million.

Pernilla Wikström, professor at Umeå University, receives 3 million for his research on prostate cancer. She is developing new methods for detecting aggressive prostate cancer earlier so that the right treatment can be given at a curable stage.

Karin Leandersson, professor at Lund University, receives SEK 3.75 million for his research on why the immune system can not kill cancer cells effectively in breast cancer.

This year, the Cancer Foundation has a special investment in radiation therapy research and prevention research. Six research projects in radiation therapy can share 66 million. 28 million will also be distributed to eight research positions that focus on prevention research.

– Radiation therapy is a cornerstone in cancer care, but the research environments are too few in Sweden. This has led to us having difficulty securing the development of competence for both research and treatment in this area, and therefore we have chosen to invest in radiation therapy research this year, says Klas Kärre, in the press release.

Distribution per university:

Karolinska Institutet:SEK 277,400,000

Lunds university: SEK 138,500,000

University of Gothenburg:129 100,000 kronor

Uppsala university:SEK 95,400,000

Linköping University:SEK 24,400,000

Umeå University:SEK 21,700,000

University of Stockholm: SEK 18,600,000

Royal Institute of Technology: SEK 12,300,000

Örebro University: SEK 4,200,000

Gymnastics and Sports Academy: SEK 2,400,000

Ersta Sköndal Bräcke University: SEK 2,400,000

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