Selected leaders of the food industry sector

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According to the ranking model created by editorial analysts, businessmen selected some of the strongest companies in the Lithuanian food industry. Leaders don’t stand alone in 2021. the company’s three breweries were replaced by five milk processing plants, and Viking Malt supplies the brewers with solidified oil in the sraa cooker.

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It was the largest amount of malt produced in mons history, 81,720 t, thanks to Finnish capital Panevis malt production UAB Viking Malt in 2021. in the annual report.

After a record year, shareholders earned 3.4 million. EUR 3.2 million of net profit is planned. EUR dividend. The average salary in September was EUR 2,900.

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Such and other leading results stand out against the general background. Last year was quite modest for the food industry. When the sales and profits of other sectors of the manufacturing industry, such as furniture, metal, chemical products, etc., increased by several percentage points or even several times, the income of the food product manufacturer increased by 7.3%, while the pre-tax profit decreased by 36%.

Mindaugas Snarskis, chairman of the Lithuanian Food Industry Association, says that the competition in the sector is high, the profit margins of the food industry have always been small, so the high prices of oil or rising energy prices have a greater impact on the segment than on others. Especially since it is impossible to change the prices of products sold in retail chains in a short period of time.

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UAB Salpron, one of the largest companies with such a profile in the Baltic countries, has established itself as the second leader in the sector. Last year was also exceptional for Salporone because 67% of its shares were bought by Polish Green Holding. The group owns two companies in Europe, which are engaged in fruit and salad cultivation, bulk and semi-finished products, wholesale trade, transportation and logistics. And its customers are large retail chains, the HoReCa sector, and fast food restaurants that are popular all over the world, such as McDonalds and KFC.

In third place is the cooperative Pienas LT, managed by emdirbi, for which 2021 was the best year since the start of the factory, and the profit of the cooperative grew by 92%, up to 1.84 million. Eur.

In addition to Pienas LT, other milk processing companies also got into the category: two Vilvi Group companies AB Vilkyki pienin and AB Modest, milk flour mills UAB Litamilk, as well as AB emaitijos pienas.

Biovela-Utenos msa, a meat processing company, is the leader in the category. Grape producers: MV Group Production, which manages Stumbro, Alita, Anyki wine and Gubernija alcoholic grape factories, and Eckes-Granini Lithuania, which produces fruit juice and fruit juice, changed its name to Eckes-Granini Baltic in October.

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