Selena Gomez leaves activist Ruby Bridges Instagram account

Ruby Bridges was just six years young when she went under police protection, and white residents insulted from the school. That was in 1960. Bridges was one of this year, one of the first African-Americans could go to the South of the USA on an otherwise White visited the school before the end of Segregation.

The fate of Bridges’, for at that time, only one teacher found that she wanted to teach, it may be a memorial in a time in which after the violent death of the African-American George Floyd at the end of may in Minneapolis in the USA on racism is discussed. The US singer and actress Selena Gomez, the leaves are now Bridges for a day to her Instagram account.

Gomez: “you Must listen all the more black votes”

The 27-Year-old gave Bridges a platform to tell Gomez’ 179 million followers from her first day of school in 1960 in New Orleans. There she was taught all alone, because all of the other parents sent their children to Protest at other schools.

Gomez, one of the most well-known and range most singers in the States, had to leave after the protests to Floyd’s death against racism and police violence repeatedly activists to come to their platform word. You wrote a few days ago about this: “After I had been thinking about how I can use my social media to the best use, I decided that we all need to hear more of the black vote.”

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