Selena Gomez shows off her tummy on Tiktok

“I don’t collect anything, dammit”

Selena Gomez shows off her tummy

A flat stomach and a perfect body – Selena Gomez doesn’t think much of that. The singer shows what she really looks like on Tiktok and uses it to fight for body positivity.

Selena Gomez (30) defies beauty standards: In a new video on Tiktok, the singer proudly shows that she loves every part of her body, even if it doesn’t correspond to the supposedly perfect ideal.

In the short clip, the musician sits relaxed in a bathing suit. The fact that her stomach bulges a little doesn’t bother her, as she makes clear in the video. She put a soundtrack over the recording. First someone can be heard telling her to suck in her stomach. The answer, which Gomez lip-synched with, follows promptly: “I’m not getting anything, damn it! Real bellies bloody well come back, okay?” She lovingly strokes the middle of her body.

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