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After his death in 1995,he has continued his legacy and even the passion of his followers has increased; Above all, after the last bioseries of ‘The Queen of Tex Mex’ broadcast on Netflix and that, from then on, has made more people interested in her life.

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After his cruel murder, at the hands of the president of his fan club Yolanda saldivar, he became a legend and every project carried out in his name after that date continued to be a success. One of the reasons that deeply saddened her fans after the tragedy was that the interpreter of “As the flower” she wanted to become a mother with her husband Chris Perez.

A video dating from 1994 has recently gone viral on social networks, when Quintanilla shared a stage with the also late Mexican singer and actor Eduardo Palomo. Find out all the details below.

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His music and imposing style left a great legacy and to this day he continues to reap successes (Photo: Selena / Instagram)


Abraham Quintanilla’s daughter was the recipient of a large number of recognitions throughout her career, among those awards are the Grammys, the Billboard Awards, the Texano Music Awards and Lo Nuestro. It was precisely at the ceremony of Univision and Las Estrellas where he shared the stage with the film and soap opera artist.


In the video posted on the platform YouTube can be viewed at Eduardo Palomo, with the Brazilian Xuxa and the model Monserrat Oliver, making known to the public the name of the singer who won the ‘Regional Mexicana’ category as ‘Female Artist of the Year’. This is how he invites the Texan star to come up on the platform to receive his award.

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Selena was sitting next to Chris Pérez and upon hearing his call, she kisses him before going to the stage. The actor of “Wild Heart” He receives her from a corner of the stage and accompanies her where the hostesses are so that they present her with her trophy. To the event Quintanilla attended with skinny pants and a black high neck sleeveless top, to which he added a belt to accentuate his figure.

That same year the singer received a recognition on the Billboard with “Amor Prohibido”, in the category ‘Mexican regional album’.


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