Self-critical Anna Mucha announces the transition to a diet: “I FUCKED MUCH MORE”

Coronavirus pandemic it changed our everyday life for good. Soon it will be six months since the first case of the pathogen was detected in our country. Although the authorities assure that the situation is under control and that further restrictions disappear week by week, it does the number of infected people in Poland continues to grow.

For several weeks, we also have the opportunity to observe how the life of the stars is slowly returning to normal. Many influencers have already taken advantage of the opportunity to relax outside the country, and a large group of stars have returned to the plans of commercials, films and series. This moment also comes in life Anna Muchawho was offered to play in the fourth part of the film Kogel Mogel.

Anna Mucha deals with hate during makeup

However, the return to the new-old reality can be difficult, as the actress informed everyone about in an interview with FLESZ. In an interview for the magazine Mucha admits that the quarantine period was an opportunity for her to pamper herself with delicious dishes. Unfortunately, she soon felt the effects and today admits that she gained a few kilos, which she tries to lose before returning to the set.

There is nothing to hide, I survived the quarantine hedonistically. As you know, I like to eat well, so it was a delight for the palate. And since I didn’t go anywhere, my activity was limited to moving between the living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. What can I say, I have freaked out terribly, so now I have to work on myself – confessed in the pages of the colorful magazine.


However, it turns out that Mucha has not decided on a strict diet and simply follows a few simple rules. Sweets and carbonated drinks have disappeared from her menu, and she has swapped for five balanced meals a day and water. Apparently, such a change was enough for friends to see the effects of her work on returning to form.

People are already seeing the first effects, they are complimenting me, and this energizes me and motivates me not to give up. But I am reasonable in this weight loss. Work forces me to discipline, but I will not torture myself. A strict diet and backbreaking exercise are not for me – he admits.


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