Senator Bob Menéndez, free on $100,000 bail and without a passport for accepting bribes

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US Senator Bob Menendez He pleaded not guilty this Wednesday to federal bribery charges in a Manhattan court, days after being accused by the Prosecutor’s Office of corruption in favor of the Egyptian Government and several businessmen.

Menéndez, Democratic senator from New Jersey of Cuban origin, agreed to pay $100,000 bail and surrender his personal passportalthough he will be able to keep the official passport for work, the only reason he will also be able to leave the United States, local media reported.

The prosecutor’s office for the Southern District of New York accused Menendez and his wife Nadine Arslanian last Friday of having accepted thousands of dollars in bribes in exchange for using their political influence to “protect and enrich businessmen and benefit the Government of Egypt.” something he denied.

Nadine also pleaded not guilty today to one count of bribery conspiracy.

The bribes that the Menéndez family allegedly received from at least 2018 to 2022 They were cash, gold bars, mortgage paymentsa job that required almost no presence for Nadine and a Mercedes-Benz vehicle.

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