Senator urges SSY to take care of medical interns and not condition their qualifications

MÉRIDA, Yuc.- In Yucatan, Some medicine interns are conditioned to attend to the various health centers and clinics of the entity in exchange for granting the administrative requirements corresponding to the titling processes.

Therefore, the Assembly of Medical Interns of the Yucatan Social Service issued a declaration to the Executive Power of the State, to the Authorities of the UADY Faculty of Medicine and to the Health Secretariat of Yucatan (SSY) about the threats from the Department of teaching of health institutions regarding the refusal to deliver release letters or documents.

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Due to this, the senator for Yucatan, Verónica Camino Farjat, presented this Thursday a warrant in the Senate of the Republic in which she asked the State Executive and the health authorities to provide all the supplies and tools to the interns to guarantee their protection by virtue of their work and mitigate the chances of contracting the Covid-19 virus.

He also asked the Yucatecan authorities to guarantee the right to health and education for undergraduate internal doctors and social service interns from the entity’s medical degree.

Likewise, Senator Camino Farjat asked not to condition the attendance of the interns to the hospitals, to the granting of the administrative requirements corresponding to the qualification processes of the medical student personnel.

This after the offices of the director of the Faculty of Medicine of the Autonomous University of Yucatan (UADY) were issued, through which in the first place he suspended the work of the students from March 17 to April 30 for not having adequate safety and protection conditions against the risk of coronavirus.

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Subsequently, a second official was issued on April 8, authorizing the universities to withdraw their undergraduate interns exclusively if they considered it so.

Then, a protection kit was given to the social service interns and it was established that there would be no sanction for those who had complied with the first service.


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