Senegal’s turnover for the first half of 2021 established at CFAF 249.8 billion

Dakar, July 19, 2021 – For the 1is half of 2021, marked by the beginnings of the global economic recovery, the Sonatel group maintains solid operational and financial performance and consolidates its leadership in its five countries of presence. The significant investments made in 2020 and during the first half of 2021 have made it possible to maintain the progress and the quality of the connectivity, and the Sonatel group has been able to maintain an appreciable margin level thanks to a good control of costs, to the improving the profitability of mobile data and mobile financial services.
The half-year evolution of the main indicators shows a positive evolution of the financial results compared to 2020 (turnover up + 9.3%, operating margin (EBITDA) up 12%), despite a market still marked by the impact of the Covid19 crisis on economic activity as well as by the massification of competition.
The group’s growth is driven by all countries including Mali, Guinea but also Senegal, which is facing a strong competitive offensive on Mobile Money, thanks to the strengthening of the contribution of Data, Orange Money, projects diversification (energy, delegated management of the Société Béninoise d’Infrastructures Numériques, etc.) and the growth of voice and SVAs in the face of the decline in international entry.
Consolidated sales grew 9.3% in the 1is half-year 2021, with a customer base of 37.9 million, up + 14%

Over the first half of fiscal year 2021, the group’s consolidated turnover stood at CFAF 642 billion, up 9.3% compared to June 2020. This growth, driven by all the countries of the group, is carried by voice, mobile data, Orange Money and Fixed Broadband. The strengthening of the contribution of data and Orange Money made it possible to compensate for the decline in incoming international markets. Voice, SMS and VAS core business activities are experiencing a slight decline but still occupy a predominant place in revenue generation.
The Fixed, Mobile and Internet customer base of the Sonatel group stood at 37.9 million customers at the end of this 1is semester of 2021, up 14% compared to 2020 thanks to the good momentum in recruitments in all its geographies.
Senegal’s revenue for the first half of 2021 stood at CFAF 249.8 billion (+ 4.2% compared to June 2020), or 39% of total turnover. In Senegal, Sonatel maintains a strong commercial position with a mobile fleet approaching 11 million customers, up + 10.7% compared to H1 2020 with a volume market share of 54.4%. The operating margin improved (+ 8.9%), despite the drop in Orange money revenues in connection with the intensification of competition, thanks to good cost control and the performance recorded on prepaid mobile, fixed broadband and the wholesale with the delegated management contract of SBIN in Benin.
International sales for the first half of 2021 is 409.9 billion corresponding to 61% of the total turnover of the Sonatel group. These results come from strong market positions in Mali (58.4% market share), Guinea (59.2% market share), Guinea Bissau (51.8% market share) and Sierra Leone (51.6% market share) with significant growth in the active fleet in connection with the investments made for the continuous improvement of the quality of mobile networks and the extension of 3G / 4G coverage in all countries:

  • Orange Mali achieved a very good financial and operational performance with a mobile subscriber base of 13 million (+ 10.1%). This development is the result of operational excellence around the All 4G plan, the good progress of mobile money and the strengthening of recruitments through the boost park campaign.
  • The activity retail Orange Guinea, through mobile prepaid and Orange Money, grew thanks to good commercial momentum and the extension of network coverage, despite a context of tightening regulations on the identification of subscribers and strengthening of fiscal pressure with the introduction of a new tax on On net traffic.
  • Orange Bissau has regained its leadership in volume market share with sustained growth in activity thanks to the development of uses (voice, data and Orange money) and good commercial momentum under the catalytic effect of the modernization and extension of the mobile access network.
  • Orange Sierra Leone achieved excellent financial and operational performance thanks to good commercial momentum around very high speed broadband with a mobile subscriber base growing by + 40.4%.
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The operating margin (EBITDA) grew by + 12% to stand at 276.6 billion over the same period, resulting from the growth in revenues associated with good cost control.
The consolidated net income of the group is 118.9 billion FCFA, up 32.2% compared to 2020. This good performance of the net income was possible thanks to the performances on the operating margin and the good control of the financial results and depreciation.
Investments in the first half of 2021 amounted to 103.1 billion FCFA, an increase of + 13.7% and are mainly intended to strengthen the deployment of very high speed (4G / 4G +, optical fiber), to modernize networks and service platforms and increased network coverage.
With data, mobile financial services and very high-speed fixed broadband growing, the group continues its transformation into a full-service operator
The Orange Money activity is maintaining good momentum in all countries of presence with an active customer base of 9.1 million customers, up 20.7% despite strong competitive pressure in Senegal. Orange Money revenues grew by + 6.7% to reach 77.2 billion over the half-year, thanks to the growth of the park and uses (+ 36.2% increase in the volume of transactions in volume over one year).
Mobile data development was marked by good commercial and financial performance. Data revenues are growing annually by 23.5% (167.1 billion FCFA), thanks to a strong increase in the stock and uses around abundance. This growth is made possible by the continued deployment of very high speed broadband and the extension of network coverage for the development of 4G / 4G + with an active 4G customer base growing by 80.1%. Thus, more than a quarter of the Sonatel group’s revenues come from Data Mobile services, an improvement of +3 points in one year.
The dynamic of development of very high fixed speed continues around the Flybox (FDD and TDD) and Fiber offers combined with the maintenance of ADSL in Senegal; thus bringing revenue growth to 48.1% and that of the fleet to 33.8% (+93,000 customers) over one year. In the first half of 2021, more than 26% of its fixed Broadband customers were on fiber, ie a fleet of more than 96,000 customers, while 160,100 customers had a Flybox offer. The contribution to group revenues is 4.6% with continued deployment of fiber connecting 345,300 homes and / or offices in Senegal and Mali.
The Sonatel group participates in economic recovery and supports populations in Health, Education and environmental preservation
In addition to its strong contributions to GDP growth, tax revenue and job creation in all of its countries of presence, the Sonatel group has carried out actions in the area of ​​Corporate Social Responsibility, through its various foundations, especially in this semester still marked by the Covid19 pandemic.
In Senegal, the Sonatel Foundation has financed the renovation of the Mame Cheikh Mbaye high school in Tambacounda to the tune of 500 million FCFA, offered scholarships for excellence in medical specialization for a total amount of 280,000,000 FCFA and inaugurated the 6thth Village Foundation in Déguerre with health, education and sustainable development infrastructure worth CFAF 300 million.
In Mali, the Orange foundation supported the State and the populations with a donation of 17 hospital beds and 11 ventilators worth 160 million FCFA.
In Guinea, a communication and awareness campaign on green energy has been launched.
In Guinea Bissau, Orange inaugurated the 1time Maison Digitale located in the community development center of Missira and carried out the renovation and equipment of the health post of Bijimita.
In Sierra Leone, the Orange Foundation has supported the construction of a maternal care center as well as three nursery schools in the regions.

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With the Orange Digital Centers, Sonatel is resolutely committed to youth employment and digital inclusion
Orange Digital Center (ODC) is a center which brings together in a single space a coding school, a solidarity Fablab, a space dedicated to startups, in particular the Orange Fab program (startup accelerator) and an Orange Ventures branch (investment funds of the Orange group dedicated to innovative startups).
After the success in Senegal of the training and integration of nearly 500 young people, Sonatel is launching equivalent initiatives in its subsidiaries. It thus responds to the strong expectations of the populations and is resolutely committed to making digital technology a new area of ​​employment and economic development in all the countries where it is present.
Outlook for the second half of 2021
The first half of 2021 will have been marked by a resumption of economic activity after the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.
In this context, the Sonatel group has capitalized on the significant investments made in 2020 and during the first half of 2021 to accelerate the growth of its activity, despite an overall decline in the mobile money market in Senegal, with very good operational performance in all its countries of presence.
The Sonatel group will continue its investment program with the aim of preparing its networks and service platforms to carry even more traffic with an excellent quality of service but also to deploy new offers and innovations to accelerate its transformation into a multiservice operator.
The group will continue to adapt effectively to changes in the mobile money market to face up to aggressive competition while pursuing diversification projects in order to develop new growth drivers.
The group will continue its efforts to rationalize its expenses in order to maintain a dynamic of profitable growth.
The Department of Institutional Communication and External Relations

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