Sentenced a nurse who drugged her daughter to blame the father and separate him from her

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A Galician nurse has been sentenced to three years and ten months in prison and will lose parental rights for two years for drugging her young daughter with the intention of “blaming the father”, from whom she was separated, and, in this way, depriving him to interact with the minor.

The fifth section of the Provincial Audience of Pontevedrabased in Vigoconsiders it proven that he drugged the girl from when she was about 18 months old to four years old.

According to the sentence, he gave her three medications that, due to his profession, he knew were “totally not recommended for minors of such a young age.”

Two of the substances supplied affect the nervous system, one of them being able to affect the growth of the heart and the third is an opioid drug, used as a narcotic analgesic and causing serious damage to health. He National Institute of Toxicology includes it in its list of toxic substances from drug trafficking.

The judicial resolution highlights the “premeditated attitude” of the mother, who denounced “the drowsy state that the daughter presented when she returned from visits with her father.”

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