Sentino on Belmondziak, PRO8L3Mie, Eisa, Diho and his relationship with Malik Montana

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After a few weeks of fighting to regain access to his Instagram profile, Sentino finally managed to get there, thus the lives of the charismatic rapper returned. In the first broadcast after the break, King Sento announced the pre-order of his clothing collection, revealed that he was planning to move away from gangsta rap a bit and referred to several artists known from the Polish scene.

Some time ago, Sentino announced that he would like to record a song with Belmondziak. The rapper maintains his opinion saying: – I do not know what the situation is in Poland. Personally, I want to record a number on “Aporophobia” with him, I want to make a nice mashup song with him, because we have different styles in general, but we grew up in similar environments, in similar cities and I think it’s nice to hear such a number. The artist declared that he would not comment on the private life of Young G.

Alvarez would be equally eager to join forces with PRO8L3M, although he also emphasizes that there can be no specifics yet.

For now I have no contact with them, but I think that they are one of the breakthroughs on the Polish scene and why not – he said, when asked about the chances of possible cooperation.

Some time ago, Eis dropped Sentino, but there is no cooperation here either. – Unfortunately, there will be no number with Eis. During this period, when I was not on Instagram, I got in touch with him, but he said very cool that he would like Eis to stay where he left off, so in 2003, I also respect his decision – commented the author of “Feniks”.

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There will be two Polish and two German ones at “Aporophobia”. The guests will certainly be missing Diho, with whom it seems that Sentino’s relationship has deteriorated recently. – There will be no Orangutan number – said the rapper firmly. When asked about his relationship with another GM2L representative, Malik Montana, the artist replied: How’s the situation with Malik? It’s okay, I think.

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