Technology Sentosa in Singapore uses Animal Crossing to promote itself...

Sentosa in Singapore uses Animal Crossing to promote itself as a tourist destination

Sentosa, one of the most prominent tourist destinations in Singapore, has started an advertising campaign with Animal Crossing: New Horizons to promote the island and maintain the interest of potential tourists like strategy to slow down the tourism sector who is assuming, and will assume, the Covid-19 pandemic.

Sentosa has an average of five million tourists annually and is one of the economic engines of the Asian country thanks to its beaches, golf courses and landscape value. Sentosa consortium of entrepreneurs has decided to launch Sentosa Crossing, a virtual reinvention of their island over the Nintendo game and create a system so that users can visit it.

Sentosa Island, southeast of Singapore, is reinventing itself on this virtual island designed to promote location among video game users. It is one of the many initiatives organized to promote the tourist destination, like virtual yoga sessions, virtual beach parties with guest DJs, cocktail making tutorials, etc.

In the specific case of the use of the Nintendo video game, we are facing an island that can be visited in different sections schedules in two-hour sessions, each fragmented into 30-minute sessions. Each session is limited to just four visitors.

Sentosa, in Singapore, uses Animal Crossing to promote itself as a tourist destination

How to be invited to Sentosa Crossing

To visit Sentosa Crossing you must register on the official website and choose the preferred time to access on the following days. After solving a short questionnaire, a raffle is entered to receive an invitation among all the participants. Fifteen minutes before their session they will receive the necessary Dodo pin for the player to travel from their island to Sentosa Crossing Island.

Sentosa, in Singapore, uses Animal Crossing to promote itself as a tourist destination

Virtual recreation includes yoga areas, beach clubs and well-kept hotel facilities, all with the aim of encouraging visitors to decide to visit the real island once the health crisis in which we are immersed has been overcome.



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