Seonwoo Eun-suk, trying to avoid debt, bought an 18 billion won house… The sad story of ‘My Money, My Mountain’: Sports Donga

Seonwoo Eun-suk, trying to avoid debt, bought an 18 billion won house… The sad story of ‘My Money, My Mountain’

Actor Seonwoo Eun-sook recalled the past when he missed more than 15 billion won in profit.

In MBN’s ‘Dongchimi’, which aired on the 19th, a talk about ‘debt’ was drawn. On this day, Choi Hong-lim confessed that while using his card, he had no fear of debt. In response, economic creator Kim Yu-ra said, “There are many minds that rich people think that bank money is ‘free money’. It is borrowing money and repaying it with investment profits,” he praised Choi Hong-rim, saying, “I think I will become a great investor if I study a little.”

However, Choi Eun-kyung expressed her concern, saying, “I will become an investor or a fraudster.” Mija said, “I hate debt, so I made a credit card for a while over 30 and then got rid of it. Even when she buys expensive things, she draws out cash and has never paid in installments. “I hate being in debt,” he said. “People around me said, ‘You can never be rich with that mindset.’ Even if I buy a house, I plan to buy it with cash, but people around me tell me to go into debt.”

In the case of Seonwoo Eun-suk, there were many cases of becoming rich while in debt among acquaintances. He said, “My generation said you shouldn’t use debt. However, all the people around me who made money became rich by using debt. The house I bought was 1.3 billion won for 100 pyeong. Even if others think, I decided to sign a contract and buy a big house,” she recalled.

Seonwoo Eun-suk said, “My friend told me to buy a two-story detached house for 1.9 billion. I decided to buy it for 1.3 billion won, but I didn’t buy it because I didn’t have enough money. Her older sister who was next to her heard the story, and she sold her house for less than 600 to 700 million won, and bought it with a loan of 1.3 billion.” “Now that house is 18 billion won. At the time, I said, ‘What kind of loan did your sister get to buy a house?’ I bought my house with my own money. Not only this sister, but other people also bought a 5 billion building without much money. People who make money use a little of my money to get rich,” she confessed.

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However, Mija said, “I think debt is debt. I have a friend who bought a house with a bank loan last year. Since he is losing hundreds of millions of dollars, he blows all his money and continues to pay interest with the money he earns. Timing is important.” Reporter Jeong Hee-yeon [email protected] Reporter’s other articles

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