Seoul detected cat with COVID-19 within a week of starting animal testing

(EFE) – The city council of Seoul reported Monday that it has detected the presence of COVID-19 in a domestic cat, the first positive of its kind since the South Korean capital launched a pioneering pet-testing system last week.

The cat that has tested positive You are between 4 and 5 years old and you live with a family that transmitted the virus to you and in which all members are infected, with the first of them testing positive on February 10, according to a statement sent by the metropolitan government.

After knowing the first positives in the family, the cat began to vomit and appear tired, so samples were taken nasopharyngeal and rectally who tested positive when subjected to PCR, a spokeswoman for the city council explained to Efe.

The feline is currently in quarantine for 14 days in an animal shelter municipal since all family members are in medical centers (South Korea hospitalizes the majority of positive cases).

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In any case, the protocol established by Seoul, first city in the world to establish a pet testing system, does not require that animals that test positive be sent to specific centers.

Since it has not yet been shown that animals can infect humans, Seoul allows keeping those who have tested positive in their own or a caregiver’s home designated as long as they are not in direct contact with other animals or people.

Since it launched its pet testing system on February 10, Seoul has tested three dogs and the aforementioned cat for the coronavirus.

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Only those pets that show symptoms or have been in contact with infected humans can undergo the system of municipal tested.

Although in a very isolated way, mammals of different species have been infected with COVID-19 by humans in different parts of the world, from dogs to minks and even lions or gorillas.


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