News September 15 coronavirus table! Today, the number of...

September 15 coronavirus table! Today, the number of cases of coronavirus and Turkey, who died here?

Today, the number of cases and number of those who died from the coronavirus was how many in Turkey? How Turkey Corona statement last case? His questions are curious. The coronavirus table is announced daily by the Minister of Health, Koca. Fahrettin Koca, who will make a statement on his official Twitter account tonight, will announce the last corona virus table on September 15, 2020. According to the last coronavirus table on ​​announced by Minister Koca on September 14, 2020, the last situation was as follows …


The coronavirus table September 15, current data has not yet been announced. Health Minister Fahrettin Koca is expected to announce the coronavirus table after 19:00. The current case number will be here as soon as it is announced.

14 SEPTEMBER Yesterday’s coronavirus table

Daily Turkey Coronavirus Table, “is” was shared by the address. According to current data, 112 thousand 563 tests were carried out today, Kovid-19 was detected in 1716 people.

63 patients died in the last 24 hours, 1225 people recovered. The number of people who completed the Kovid-19 treatment increased to 260 thousand 58.

The total number of tests was recorded as 8 million 632 thousand 123, the number of cases as 292 thousand 878, the number of deaths as 7 thousand 119.

The number of active patients was 25 thousand 701, the number of serious patients was 1301, and the rate of pneumonia in patients was 7.1 percent.

Health Minister Fahrettin Koca, in his evaluation on his Twitter account, said, “There is no slowing down in the rate of transmission of the disease. Today we have 1716 new patients with the disease. The number of our casualties is more than 60. We cannot fight one by one, but we can win together. Let’s obey the measures together.” used the expressions.



The number of people infected with new types of coronavirus (Kovid-19) worldwide reached 29 million 291 thousand, the number of those who died in the epidemic reached 930 thousand, and the number of those who recovered reached 21 million 108 thousand.
The number of cases increased to 6 million 721 in the USA, 4 million 878 in India, 4 million 335 in Brazil and 1 million 68 thousand in Russia.

Online sales giant Amazon announced that it will recruit 100 thousand people in the USA and Canada after its increased sales during the Kovid-19 period.

Primary and secondary schools, which have been closed since March due to the epidemic in Italy, have been reopened in some regions today with the new academic year. After 6 months, the class bell rang for 5.6 million students in 12 regions and Trento province in the country and students returned to their classes.

A mobile laboratory with Kovid-19 testing was opened at Brussels Airport.

In England, the banning of gathering more than 6 people in the fight against the epidemic was protested.

In India, where the increase in coronavirus cases attracted attention, Kovid-19 was detected in at least 25 deputies in the Assembly, which was opened today after a 5-month interval.

After the first warning, it was decided to file a lawsuit against the owners of cafes and wedding restaurants in Kyrgyzstan who did not comply with the measures taken against the epidemic.

Due to the increase in Kovid-19 cases in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, restrictions were re-implemented. The restrictions include the suspension of events such as weddings, meetings and seminars, as well as the closure of schools, tourist areas, entertainment centers, parks and gyms for 2 weeks.

Serbia, one of the Balkan countries, called on its citizens abroad to return to the country by September 18.



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