Serafín Marín, the Catalan bullfighter who fought against nationalist liberticide, returns to Madrid: "Sales is my place"

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Serafín Marín, the Catalan bullfighter who rode on shoulders for the last time at the Monumental in Barcelona along with José Tomás; the bullfighter who dared to do the walk with a barretina and stand up to abolitionist nationalism; The brave bullfighter from Montcada i Reixach who one day raised the señeyera and the flag of freedom returns to Las Ventas this Sunday, eight years later, in the middle of the amnesty process for the secessionists, the same ones who led the festival in Catalonia.

Marín affirms with enthusiasm what he feels on his return: “I feel alive again, every year I trained thinking that I was going to return to Las Ventas, which I feel like my place. My career has been based in Barcelona and Madrid“After losing the Monumental I hoped to be able to continue showing my bullfighting in the capital but it has been very hard that every year we tried and there was no way to access it.”

A long road in which he finally sees the light at the end of the tunnel: “A lot of things have happened in this time. After what happened in my country, the pandemic, I have had two shoulder injuries. One, it took me a while to I will recover a year and several months, of the other ten months. In total there were three years without dressing in lights. Always with my mind set on bullfighting in Madrid. Fortunately, we are already here.”

The fans of this 40-year-old matador have not allowed him to think about retirement at any time: “Despite the harshness of this time, at no time did I consider throwing in the towel. I have prepared every year as if I were going to fight 60 bullfights.. “I hope to reap the rewards after so much sacrifice to give joy to the people I have had by my side.”

Without any regret He faces an afternoon in the plaza of Madrid in which he hopes to return to the place he once occupied: “I hoped that in general the sector would take me more into account. But that is already in the past. Now I have to focus on the afternoon ahead. ahead, I want to show that I have been faithful to my conceptthat I look for good bullfighting and that I have cut my teeth on the bench even though I have bullfighted so little.”

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