Serbian scientist with sensational revelation about the first victim of COVID-19 in Europe

After an analysis of routinely taken tissue samples from a corpse, it became clear that as early as February 5, 2020, a K-19 killed a man in Serbia.

The first victim of COVID-19 in Europe was in Serbia on February 5, 2020. This was stated by the epidemiologist Prof. Zoran Radovanovic, who worked at the Medical Faculty in Belgrade, in a publication in the Serbian newspaper “Danas”.

Radovanovic, a member of Serbia’s anti-coronavirus headquarters, is one of the few epidemiologists critical of Alexander Vucic’s rule, according to Croatia’s Jutarni list. In his publication, Radovanovic published data that shed new light on the spread of the infection throughout Europe.

Radovanovic writes that until now, it was thought that the first case of coronavirus was diagnosed in Serbia on March 1 or 6, according to various sources, and that the first death from COVID was officially registered on March 20, 2020.

He explains that in Serbia, as a rule, no autopsies are performed on the dead of COVID-19, but this does not exclude traces of the coronavirus to be found in the tissues of a corpse that is not presumed to be infected.

According to the epidemiologist, this is exactly what happened on February 5 last year at the Institute of Forensic Medicine at the Belgrade Medical Faculty.

A group of 12 specialists routinely analyzed tissue samples from one carcass. The diagnosis of COVID-19 was then made by examining fluid from the structure of the eye, known as the vitreous.

The foreign reviewers respected the evidence of the Belgrade experts and an article about the case was published in a magazine.

The summary of the article points out that this is the first documented death in Europe that can be linked to COVID-19. Until now, the first victim of the coronavirus in Europe was an elderly Chinese tourist who died on February 15 in France.

Radovanovic points out that the man who died on February 5th in Serbia died with COVID, but not from it. However, it is clear that the man became infected at the end of January. As an epidemiologist, Radovanovic believes that it is possible that some of the first infected people “slipped” through the system with the flu diagnosis.

According to official statistics in Serbia, the total number of deaths in Serbia in 2020 is 114,954, which is 13,991 / 13.9% / more than in 2019, when the death toll was 100,963. In December 2020 alone. 17,321 deaths were registered, more than twice as many as in the same month last year, when there were 8,803 deaths.

“We are proud of the supposedly small number of deaths until it is revealed that the disease has taken 80 times more doctors than in the two western republics of the former Yugoslavia. Naturally, the reason is that the doctors themselves counted their victims. The other categories of healthcare workers have done this less conscientiously and have only reached the number of 32, which is many times less than expected, given their number and the natural nature of the work in relation to doctors, “wrote Prof. Radovanovic.

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