Seremi de Salud de Magallanes criticizes sayings of Paris and resigns from his position

The Minister of Health of Magallanes, Mariela Rojas, resigned after this morning, the Minister of Health, Enrique Paris, referred to the complicated situation in the region, demanding greater coordination from the authorities in the area .

“Magallanes was the region that achieved the best indices at some point and today it has the worst figures in Chile,” were part of the words of Paris when asked about the figures in the region.

Given this, and through a letter addressed to the holder of the portfolio, Rojas accused that his expressions during the daily report this morning are “partial, erroneous and unacceptable.”

Along with ensuring that the health system in Punta Arenas was never at risk of collapse, Rojas criticized the way in which Minister Paris has acted, explaining that in the first outbreak, the number of patients “never exceeded the installed capacity, developed thanks to to the strategy promoted by his predecessor, Minister (Jaime) Mañalich, who evidently in an epidemiological situation much more complex than now, visited us and did what a correct authority does: request reports, guide, support and encourage every day to get better. You seriously disrespect me and you issue statements for the gallery without scientific rigor ”.

“You (Paris) have irresponsibly issued an accusation of ineptitude to this professional, which I do not accept. If you had acted correctly and faced with the supposed catastrophe that Magellan will experience, you should have called me and talked about the issue, a question that you unfortunately did not do ”, he added.

Finally, the seremi submitted her resignation from the position. “I inform you publicly that, and in the same way in which you have done, denouncing the tireless work of our institution, I come to present my unwavering resignation from the position of Regional Ministerial Secretary of Health of the Magallanes Region and Chilean Antarctica as of August 25, 2020, ”Rojas closed.

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