Serena Enardu, domestic accident in the night. And he talks about the meeting with Pago

Night of fear for Serena Enardu: the Sardinian influencer told in his Instagram stories that he had a close encounter with cockroaches. As she explained, after seeing an insect in her kitchen, she decided to eliminate the root problem by spraying disinfectant medicine all over the house. Between boiling water and muriatic acid, however, the vapors invaded the environment and Enardu also admitted to having been afraid of having intoxicated.

I didn’t sleep all night, I finished at four. I must have been intoxicated because this morning I woke up that I was very swollen, because I inhaled all the acids. I also sealed the kitchen. Then luckily I found the cockroach dead under a tube.

The domestic accident shook Serena a lot, so much to ask on Instagram for advice on how or what to do to overcome her fear. The same, in telling the episode, he missed a not insignificant detail.

Specifically, Enardu, after spending the night in white, had planned to lie down a little and rest but, as she said, a special meeting turned his plans upside down: the ex competitor of Big Brother Vip has revealed that he met his ex Pago during the afternoon for a coffee.

To this revelation, the fans of the influencer responded clogged with messages and questions Serena, who wanted to clarify the reason for the meeting:

We had a coffee, we had a beautiful chat with very soft tones and that’s all. Nothing happened, we just exchanged views after some time with the clearer head. Even if it doesn’t seem like it, we’re two civilians.

With these words, the war between the singer and the former tronista of Men and women, yet not long ago their troubled love story had ended badly: after the removal occurred in 2019 with their participation in Temptation Island Vip and the backfire al GF Vip, with a wedding announced, the two separated again.

In fact, Pago had revealed that he had left Serena because he had discovered a betrayal with the former tempter Alessandro Graziani, while she had denied, accusing him of wanting to advertise only.

Currently, Serena and Pago are both single and they don’t seem to intend to get closer from a sentimental point of view, but this hasn’t stopped them from making peace. One of the reasons why they reconciled, probably, is for the love of Tommaso, the son of the influencer and raised by the singer as a son. Not surprisingly, Enardu in the stories specified that Pago also showed up to see her son.


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