Sergei Shnurov and Joseph Prigogine continue to swear on Instagram because of the carpet –


For a couple of days, the fights between the 49-year-old music producer Joseph Prigogine and the 45-year-old singer did not stop on the Web. "Leningrad "by Sergey Shnurov Over the weekend on the radio "Says Moscow, "said Joseph. that Shnurov fans – windy. because they sing obscene songs.

Sergey replied with a poem on Instagram. in which he called the texts of the singer Valeria. wife Prigogine. boring and uninteresting. Joseph wrote the answer poems: "Good boy. Seryoga! Tsvetaeva sa and Blok! But compare business now – fashion. So how much is opium for people? " (Spelling and punctuation are the author below. – About Ed.)

November 3, followed by a sequel. Shnurov has published a new poem: the singer believes. those abusive expressions in his songs are freedom of expression. and Prigogine wants to deprive him of this freedom. Sergey sure. that such a task his adversary can not afford: "You want a ticket. and let the fog enter? So that "N ****" we could not afford? Difficult task. I'd say. that arch. So that only the oligarchs swear. I'm scared. that. Yosya. With her, too trained. "

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to watch

The ropes have turned the video. in which the singer Rammstein Till Lindemann congratulated her subscribers for the new year. Until a smile in Russian.

Joseph replied to the edited video. in which ropes. speaking on stage in front of a large audience. he says: "Our people love every r *** o". Prigogine left this clip without a signature.

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