Sergio Mayer thinks of Sergito and his mistakes when talking about ‘Rebelde’

Now that the new version of ‘Rebelde’ has been released, Sergio Mayer Mori gave something to talk about by confirming that he got what he was looking for, that is, money to pay for your expenses as a parent, is now Sergio Mayer who thinks of his son in the series.

The former deputy said that he likes Sergito’s work: “I liked the work of all the kids, it’s a series for kids and it does its job. I liked it, I got nervous when I saw the scene, he has sex, I got nervous, it made me giggle, but ok, I’m liking it a lot”.

It was inevitable that they would ask him about the controversy that Sergio has caused when talking about ‘Rebelde’, like when he confessed that he doesn’t like the group’s music: “I have to sing them by contract, but I hate RBD”.

Isabella Camil’s husband said: “That has already happened, it was reckless, one thing was that he was not a fan and another that he said he hated, he recognized his mistake and we learn from mistakes, and he has a long way to go to continue learning.”

But he acknowledged that this controversy will haunt his son for a long time: “I think that’s it, Suddenly we make mistakes that you carry for a long time, and that will carry it. What we are talking about is his work, regardless of whether there is hate or not. And it is worth mentioning that both the producers and Netflix looked for him from the beginning. And he was clear, he said he was not a fan, and they managed to convince him and it is there, it was what he defended. He has the right to express it, what was wrong is how you expressed it. “

It should be remembered that Mayer Mori apologized at the time: “I want to apologize to all the fans of Rebelde and my colleagues in this project. I’m very sorry about what happened. I was wrong to express myself as I did and I am very sorry to have hurt you. I promise you that I am learning from you ”.

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