Serial Artegirl Episode 122 Diriliş Ertuğrul Part V on trt1 and translated into Arabic on the site of light alnoortv

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The series of the Artegrel resurrection, episode 122 Diriliş Ertuğrul, part V on trt1 and translated into Arabic on the alnoortv light site of Arab News, Thursday 18 October 2018.

Let's examine with you Serial part IV, The series that won the highest ratings in the Arab world, the Turkish series Resurrection Artagrl awaiting millions of viewers around the world to know what the events will be and where the Turkish drama is famous for its historical and dramatic events that they excite the spectator and they do it Waiting for the new one.

Finally, the official date for the opening of the Artegral Resurrection series, part 5, was announced for November. The first episode of the fifth part of Artgrel will be presented next Wednesday, October 17th, through the Turkish channel trt1 .

Serial part IV

Millions of viewers have witnessed the series of Artegrel's resurrection in the last four years: the series dealt with the life story of the gardener Artagarl bin Sulaiman Shah and how the Turkish state began to deal with the political and life aspects of Ertgrel, both through neighboring tribes that through his relationship with those close to him as part of the betrayal of some of their closest collaborators, Mr. Bahadir and also Maria and Dindar, those figures treated with Artgrel in Part IV.

The date of the presentation of the series Artgrel Part V

The trt channels announced the program of their program, and the calendar included the presentation of the Artegral Resurrection series, part V, Wednesday, October 17 at 20:00, Turkey time. The episode should be re-presented through the Light Site.The timing of the presentation of the series 122 of the series Artgrl Part V

Times of the presentation of the series

It should be displayed Episode 122 of the Artrage IV part Through the Turkish channel trt1 at 20:00, Turkey time, Cairo 10am and 9:00 KSA, and we will provide you with the repetition time of the series as soon as it becomes available.Episode 122 of the Artrage IV part

Frequency of the Turkish channel TRT1

Frequency research is increasing Turkish channel trt1 The announcement of the opening times of the first episode of the fifth part of the long awaited series Artgrel will follow, so we will examine with you the frequency of the Turkish TRT on the Turkasat and Etoilesat satellite.

The moon frequency Coding speed polarization Correction coefficient
Turksat 11042 8400 vertical 5/6
Aatuilsat 10928 3000 vertical 5/6

Episode 122 of the series Artgrel Part

We will follow the events of episode 122 from Artagaral part Once it's live to provide the most important events for all viewers, wait for us.

It is worth mentioning that the Artegrel resurrection series began in 2014, where the family of the program presents a new part every year, each part is presented at the beginning of October each year, we followed together the four parts of the series of Artegral resurrection, Al-Arabi to follow the series and wait, it should also be noted that the Artegril series is receiving attention from government agencies in Turkey, where many state officials frequent the photography site.

The Artegrel series Episode 122

A few hours we will follow with you the events of episode 122 of the Argerel Resurrection Part V, in which we follow the relationship of Artgrel with his three sons and also the beginning of Osman I, the founder of the Ottoman Empire , waiting for other surprises.

Finally, we extend our thanks to visitors and followers of the East Times website and we promise to provide you with all that is new and important from all sources of reliable news. We moved the serial (Episode 122 of Dirty Ertuğrul of Arilgirl part V on trt1 and translated into Arabic on the alnoortv site) Responsible for the health of the news or not.
Source: Arab News


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