Sport Serie A with open doors, the final decision arrives

Serie A with open doors, the final decision arrives

Hope that the A league 2020-2021 see the return of fans to the stands did not last long for clubs, institutions and fans. According to what was collected by the ‘Calcio e Finanza’ portal, in fact, at the end of the meeting of the Scientific Technical Committee it was decided not to change the health protocol.

Nothing to do therefore for the last appeal of the president of the Football Association Gabriele Gravina, who now a few hours before the start of the championship, whose first match will be Fiorentina-Torino scheduled for Saturday 19 August at 18, had asked for a relaxation of the measures especially in terms of tampons, a request to be read also from an economic point of view given the high costs of anti-health measuresCoronavirus.

Moreover, Gravina was not the only one to expose himself on the subject, finding broad support in the first place from the Ministry of Sport, which is allegedly preparing a report on the scan of the 2020-21 season matches and on the possibility of extending the frequency of tampons for the teams. professional, but also by various presidents of the top league, from that of Cagliari Tommaso Giulini up to the number one of Torino Urbano Cairo, convinced by the need to open curves and stands, at least partially, also in order to contain the heavy economic impact that the games behind closed doors have on the club’s coffers.

The CTS, however, said no, considering the risk of a new exponential increase in rates still too high contagion so that it is decided to allow the fans to return to crowding the Italian facilities. Until next October 6, therefore, the matches of the professional championships will continue to be played behind closed doors, with limited admissions to a few professionals. The next step will be based on the Government’s choice to wait for the first feedback on the restart of the schools.

The Italian situation is therefore the opposite of what is happening in Germany, where it caused a sensation that to watch the match between Hansa Rostock and Stuttgart, of the German Cup, they were able to attend as many as 7,500 spectators, without any social distancing.

OMNISPORT | 15-09-2020 23:51

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