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Serious accidents in the Monumental


A group wanted to enter the force: there is a fractured sympathizer.

What should be a party already had its black spot. A group of river fans tried to enter without force and there were abuses that were dispersed by security forces.

It was only a few minutes, but the supporters who were in the vicinity of the Monumental who quietly entered via Udaondo seemed like an eternity. There were races, thrusts and gases at the Q and R gates of the Platea Belgrano Alta on the river.

Just before 3pm, a group of people wanted to get in on the scene and the police reacted. In the midst of the incidents, one of those fans who caused the riots pushed another who was with his children, fell to the ground and broke his ankle. The assailant was arrested, but the injured man, who had an entry, had to be taken to a hospital to be treated.

The Núñez neighborhood has been upset since the Saturday Superfinal between the river and Boca. The operation started at 9 am with the fence near the Monumental. From the 13 open doors. The Avenida del Libertador was populated by buses and was cut into several sections due to the accumulation of fans.

Several fans have reported the theft of their tickets by other supporters willing to get in one way or another. Thus, the celebration of a historic day for Argentine football is tainted by the few violent people of all time.

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