Serious and serious damage caused by forest fires in California

California is again hit by heavy fires. There are at least nine dead. The machines melt in heaps of waste, the houses burn completely. Even Malibu hits hard. No comforting word comes from the president of the United States Trump.

The severe forest fires in California caused chaos and, according to the authorities, killed at least nine people. In the city of paradise, in the north of the state, people died in their burning cars.

With over 6,000 homes destroyed, the so-called Camp Fire in Paradise is one of the worst fires in the history of California. In addition, the Malibu surfers' paradise in the south of the state and the surrounding celebrity sites have been hit by a major fire.

The fire in the north had erupted early Thursday morning (local time) and had spread rapidly – to more than 30,000 hectares. This corresponds to an area of ​​over 40 football fields. Also, in the south of the state, more than seven hours by car, two other big fires raged, one of which, according to local media reports, covers more than 14,000 hectares in Ventura County near the metropolis of Los Angeles. Also hit Thousands Oaks, the place that recently caused a serious violent crime with twelve deaths in fear and terror.

Tens of thousands of people had to leave their homes because of the fires. Closed schools The electric lines have been cut. Thousands of firefighters from different states fought against the flames – even during the night.

The small village of Paradise in northern rural California has been largely destroyed. Mayor Jody Jones said on Friday that about 80 percent of the buildings where the fire burned. The escape from the place has played tragedies. On the side of the road there were scrap of cars burned with melted tires. At least nine people have been killed here. Four of them were burned outside their control, three corpses were found in front of charred houses, as firefighters announced Saturday night.

Malibu was also hit hard. The notorious Santa Ana winds have pushed heavy forest fires, killing tens of thousands of people. Even before expensive villas behind high walls, the flames did not stop. Malibu has been evicted. The city near Los Angeles is known as the home of celebrities such as Thomas Gottschalk and Barbra Streisand. Stars like Lady Gaga, Guillermo del Toro and Orlando Bloom take refuge in front of the fire brigade.

"This is my way two hours ago", the star of "Pirates of the Caribbean" Bloom (41) wrote on Instagram on Friday at a photo with a glowing orange wall of fire just behind the houses. He prayed that everyone in Malibu would be safe.

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian (38) wrote on Twitter: "We're all safe, and that's the most important thing." The flames had eaten up to the edge of their Hidden Hills estate, but now the danger is probably over, The director of "Doctor Strange" Scott Derrickson (52) was less fortunate. "We lost the house," he wrote on Twitter, but he and his family escaped from "hell". "I'm worried about my house, but I can not do anything", the American singer Cher wrote to the service of short messages. "Throughout my life I saw destruction with fire".

The chaos of the flames drove about 90,000 people flying in southern California. The otherwise picturesque Pacific Highway was shrouded in a thick blanket of smoke, on the coastal road blocked for miles of traffic. According to initial estimates by the authorities, dozens of houses were burned in the Malibu area and in the Ventura county area, but initially there were no reports of deaths or injuries.

The most violent fires usually rage in the fall months after a dry summer. But in the coastal state of the west coast, there is almost nothing clear. "Every day is the season of fires somewhere in California," said Ken Pimlott, chief of firefighters, Cal Fire.

A year ago, in October, several fires raged north of San Francisco in the famous wine-growing areas of Napa and Sonoma. The record: over 40 dead, over 5,700 buildings destroyed, a larger area than New York. Even for the inhabitants of Malibu, the conflagration is a déjà vu. In one of the worst fires in the surrounding area in 1993, three people were killed. Nearly 300 homes burnt at that time, including the villas of actors Sean Penn and Ali McGraw.

US President Donald Trump has accused the California authorities of mismanagement. "There's no reason for these massive, deadly and expensive California fires, except for poor forest management," Trump wrote on Twitter Saturday morning. Billions of dollars are spent every year and many people are still dying. He threatened with the withdrawal of federal funds. California is a state governed by Democrats who are opposing the federal level.

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