News Serological tests by teachers and Ata (voluntary and free):...

Serological tests by teachers and Ata (voluntary and free): what the general practitioner must do

With the note 8722 of 7 August 2020 the Ministry of Health has sent the operational instructions to start a serological testing program throughout the country, intended for teaching staff and ATAs of public and private schools of all levels, including nursery schools.

The preventive measure, already included inMinisterial Order 17 of 24 July 2020 of the Extraordinary Commissioner for the Covid-19 emergency, is to be carried out on a voluntary basis in good time from 24 august 2020 and up to the week before the start of the didactic activities, but also after for those who will take up the following service.

Responsible for the execution will be the doctor of general medicine that it has the relevant staff among its clients; in the case of personnel without a doctor in the place of work domicile, the test will be carried out at the Prevention Department of the ASL.

Serological tests, teacher data and ATA from the Miur portal to the Health Card System

The data of the school staff will be entered in a specific application of the portal of the Ministry of Education to be transferred to the Health Card System.



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