Seryabkina’s chances to return to their former glory were assessed by an expert

The singer again wanted to work with Fadeev.

Olga Seryabkina “got lost” after leaving the SEREBRO group.

Return of Olga Seryabkina under the wing of Maxim Fadeev will not return the singer to her former popularity. The producer and music critic spoke about this in an interview with PopCornNews. Pavel Rudchenko.

“I will not say that she was the brightest star in the SEREBRO team. Still, Lena Temnikova was more associated with the leader of the group. With Seryabkina, they always pulled the blanket over themselves. Therefore she [Ольга] I experienced rivalry all the time, there was tension in the team. And, of course, when all sorts of girls began to appear in the group, she remained as a leader, but it was no longer that SEREBRO. The team has outlived itself.

How much she is already floundering in the industry, releasing her tracks, yet she doesn’t have that glory, ”the expert said.

Moreover, Rudchenko doubted that Fadeev would want to take on a new project, albeit with the participation of a former ward.

“It seems to me that he is now in a creative crisis, he took a time out and is resting. He left the information field and does not use the levers that were, ”the critic shared his opinion.

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