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Find all the information on TFT’s Set 5: release date, new champions and traits announced, lab mode …

The Set 5 from TFT, entitled Teamfight Tactics: Judgment is coming very soon. He brings with him 58 new champions, more than twenty new classes and origins, as well as big changes at the item level.

In this article, we list everything there is to know about the new set of Teamfight Tactics: Judgment.

TFT Set 5 release date and time

Teamfight Tactics Set 5 released on the PBE this Wednesday April 14, at the same time as patch 11.8, then on the live servers the Wednesday April 28 in patch 11.9.

As usual, the maintenances should take place at night, in between 1 hour and 5 hours approximately. If you plan to try the new Set as soon as possible, plan to get started on Wednesday morning!

The new champions of Set 5

All the champions of Set 4.5 give way to 58 new champions, some of whom are making a comeback, such as Draven or Teemo for example, but also new arrivals like Viego and Rell.

The new classes and origins of Set 5

If a few features remain almost the same, such as Mystique or Brawler, Set 5 brings lots of new classes and origins.

Shadow items, the new mechanics of Set 5

The novelty of Set 5, which rwill replace the “elected” mechanic of Set 4, is the presence ofshadow objects. You will be able to obtain shadow components, which offer the same stats as normal components, but transform into shadow items. These offer effects different from their normal version, often with a more powerful positive effect but a negative effect in return.

This specificity also allows the Spatula to find a new interest, since 16 traits can now be obtained via a Spatula item, against the usual 8.

Armory, a new way to have items

Shadow components can only be obtained in two ways: on carousels, or in theArmory, a novelty of Set 5. During rounds 2-2, 3-2 and 4-2, you will be able to choose a component (shadow or not) among two to three offered by the game.

Hyper roll, new TFT Lab mode

With Set 5, Riot also wants to introduce the Labs, which will be alternate modes of Teamfight Tactics. The first is Hyper roll (or Fast Rollover), which is roughly the same game but simplified with much faster games (about twenty minutes).

Remember that Set 5 will be available on the live server from April 24, 2021.


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