Set up this kit house yourself


Kit houses are in. The model is Ikea: There, the furniture is also delivered in boxes and the customer builds them themselves. This presupposes that connections and individual parts can still be mastered even by unskilled workers.

The Syshaus from São Paulo, Brazil, follows this idea, even if the final assembly of a house is more complicated than that of a kitchen cabinet. In house construction, another difference to conventional construction lures: Despite all the progress, construction is still carried out by hand under the conditions of a construction site under the open sky. However, if the individual modules of the house are manufactured in a factory, cheaper prices and better quality are conceivable.

Modular concept

The Syshaus wants to score with ecological features, for this purpose, a complete modular kit has been developed, which can be erected the most diverse buildings. The load-bearing struts consist of standardized supports, beams, connection nodes and special screw types. Floors, walls and cladding are designed as part of a likewise modular system. They can be docked to the carriers as required. No waste is to be generated on the construction site itself; in production, waste materials are recycled to 100 percent. Even the built-in furniture is adapted to the standard connections of the modules.

To the garden opens the house with large floor-to-ceiling sliding doors, which consciously connect the inside and the outside. This permeability continues indoors with an open plan kitchen, dining and living areas.

No Billgangebot

The Syshaus convinces not only because of the modular concept, but also because of its style. It was designed in collaboration with the architecture firm Arthur Casus.

The house blends into its natural environment, while keeping the ecological footprint to a minimum. This is how the building is convincing, for example through the use of rainwater. Organic waste is to be converted into gas, fertilizer and fuel. The intelligent control of the photovoltaic modules ensures the efficient use of solar energy. If you like, you can let the roof grow green. It should improve the energy efficiency and acoustics of the house. The house is marketed as an industrial product in Brazil. The mode of production allows the supplier to issue a 20 year warranty. With about 2000 euros per square meter, the Syshaus is, however, in the normal price segment on the road and no Ikea snapper.


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